How To Pawn

4 Easy Steps to Success in Getting Cash in A Flash:

1. Bring ANYTHING of value to one of our well trained and licensed pawn professionals to be assessed for your Pawn Loan. This evaluation will be quick and efficient because we value our customer's time.

2. Our Pawn Professionals will offer you the option to receive a loan on your item or to sell your item. Please advise the Pawn Professional if you intend to sell your item for good or get a loan on it and retrieve it at a later date.

3. If you choose to accept the terms of our offer, we will issue you a signed pawn ticket stating the terms of the loan and the conditions of retrieval. If you are unsure of the pawn process, please ask one of our pawn professionals to explain it to you. We love to educate our customers!

4. Walk out the door cash in hand with a great story and a smile on your face. Satisfaction is guaranteed at Pelican Pawn!