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Nov 06, 2020

Are you ready for Black Friday sales at Pelican Pawn? High-end Jewelry selling just above melt value!! 27% off TVs, Tools, and Music Equipment at all 4 of our locations! Don’t miss out on these killer deals on November 27, 2020!


How a pawn loan works

Mar 29, 2021

Many people are skeptical of pawn shops and the type of financing they offer. Pawn shops offer what is called a pawn loan. Pawn loans are a great way for people to borrow money on their merchandise and receive cash fast. Unlike payday lenders or title loan companies, pawn shops do not require a credit […]


Mar 12, 2021

Visit our our website where all of the inventory at Pelican Pawn is online and updated in real time! We sell gold, diamond and silver jewelry, electronics, music equipment, hand tools, power tools, fishing gear, sporting goods, car audio, lawn equipment, designer handbags and accessories and so much more! visit our sight at and […]


Pelican Pawn Gives Top Dollar for Rolex Watches!

Sep 18, 2020

Pelican Pawn gives top dollar for your Rolex Watch! We do loans, buy and sell Rolex Watches. Come by and get a quote today! If your loan is over $1000 on your Rolex watch we will drop our interest rate in half! Pelican Pawn will give you a no hassle assessment and quote on your […]