Pelican Pawn is Different

Pelican Pawn offers perks to its loyal pawn customers that other pawn shops do not. These perks include:

  1. Interest rates cut in half on loans over $1000 for select merchandise such as Jewelry, Electronics and Firearms
  2. We stop charging interest after our loyal pawn customer has made payments for 2 years on their loan
  3. Interest forgiveness if our loyal pawn customer is only 1 day into next months interest period

4 responses to “Pelican Pawn is Different”

  1. Wow I didn’t know yall offered these perks, Definitely going to this pawn shop to pawn my items next time.

  2. I pawned my Rolex watch at this pawn shop and the interest rate was much less than other pawn shops that I’ve gone to. Definitely a good deal if you need cash quick.

  3. You don’t even have to pawn a Rolex to get this deal at this pawn shop. I pawned my Apple MacBook Pro for over $1000 and my interest was significantly less.

  4. I love this Baton Rouge Pawn Shop! It’s my favorite go to Pawn Shop because they are family owned they are able to discount my interest on my pawn loans over $1000!
    Pelican Pawn also works with pawn loan customers by not pulling their loans right away! They don’t want you to lose your items!

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