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Pawn your Xbox One or Play Station 4 for quick cash

Apr 04, 2019

Pawn you Xbox One or PS4 for a quick cash loan. You can get anywhere from $75 up to $175 for some systems! When you pawn your item you have 3 months to come back and pick it up. It will remain at Pelican Pawn safe and sound until you redeem your pawn or until […]


Pawn Loans Do NOT affect your credit

Mar 13, 2019

Hi all of you loyal Pelican Pawn customers and newcomers! Here at Pelican Pawn we love to educate our customers. Did you know that a Pawn Loan does not affect your credit rating in any way at all even if you default? That is right Pawn Loans do not affect your credit score. The only […]


Pawn Shop Shoppers are Smart!

Mar 09, 2019

Shopping can be hard when you are looking for what you want at the best prices. Shopping at a pawn shop is the easiest way to find what you are looking while saving your money. Many people have not been informed about the incredible variety of inventory that pawn shops have with some of the […]


Huge Sale on Jewelry Up to 40% Off!

Feb 22, 2019

Come and check out our Clearance Case where we have Gold and Diamond Jewelry up to 40% off! Our clearance Jewelry sale is color coded on each tag. Blue means 20% off, Green means 30% off and Red means 40% off. Visit Pelican Pawn today!